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Septic Dos & Don’ts


  • Have your septic system inspected by a qualified professional every 2 years
  • Have the tank pumped when needed
  • Keep records of pumping, inspections, and other maintenance
  • Use water efficiently to avoid overloading your septic system
  • Consider replacing older toilets and inefficient showerheads
  • Use proper load sizes when washing clothes
  • Add an effluent filter to prevent excess solids from flowing and clogging
  • Plant only grass over your septic system
  • Minimize or eliminate the use of garbage disposals and water softeners
  • Obtain a copy of your septic permit from your local health district
  • Conserve your replacement area


  • Do not use your septic system like a garbage can
  • Do not use caustic drain openers for a clogged drain
  • Do not flood the drain field with excess irrigation water
  • Do not drive or park over any part of your septic system
  • Do not pour toxic chemicals down the drain
  • Do not dump grease or fats down your kitchen drain
  • Do not dispose of medicines in the toilet or sink

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