Installing Septic Tanks
Installing Septic Tanks Treasure Valley

Whether you’re building a new house or simply replacing an old tank, you can depend on us for new installs. At PU septic, we have the resources and experience to provide a smooth and seamless install of a brand-new septic tank system. We have access to several tank sizes and are always eager to help homeowners in a seemingly difficult process. With our equipment and skilled team, we make easy work of installs no matter the tank size. Whether you’re in Boise, Nampa, Kuna, Caldwell, or even Star, you can trust that help is on its way!

Complex Tanks Vs. Conventional Tanks

Conventional Tanks

The conventional septic system consists of a septic tank and a subsurface drain field. This drain field is traditionally constructed from gravel or stone because of its effectiveness in the infiltration process. The tank liquid or effluent is filtered through the stone and is treated by microbes that break it down. These systems are highly effective but not always suitable for every residential situation.

Above-Ground Complex System

Above ground septic systems are viable options for when the surrounding conditions are suitable for a conventional septic tank. Many conditions can increase the risk of system failure. To avoid this, septic specialists will analyze the soil and water tables to ensure the best possible option. If the soil is either too permeable or not permeable enough, it is more likely to cause health hazards to the environment and people around it. In this case, above ground tanks are the perfect solution. By using gravity, fluid from a septic tank is brought to the above-ground septic system where it is distributed throughout the drain field. This process ensures that harmful bacteria are removed and aren’t introduced in unwanted locations.

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