Tank Inspection and Hydro Testing
Septic Tank Inspection for Selling a home in the Treasure Valley

How long has it been since you checked on your septic tank? Do you even know where your septic system is located? No worries because at PU Septic, we are here to help! Our experienced team does daily inspections and knows exactly what to look for. Our goal is to help people avoid costly replacements or repairs by helping them keep up on tank maintenance. The specialists at PU Septic will give an in-depth analysis of how your septic system is operating and provide beneficial options to move forward with. So, if you haven’t inspected your septic system in a while, it may be time to give us a call! We proudly provide service across the entire Treasure Valley including Canyon County, Ada County, and Gem County.

Hydro Testing Treasure Valley

A hydro test or a hydraulic load test is a common septic system practice that is very important. These hydro tests simulate a full daily load of fluids into the septic tank and absorption area. The goal is to find out whether or not a septic system can handle this volume of water without falling. Water is used as a test because no harm is done to either the environment or people around. However, if this process fails, it is an indicator that the septic system needs repair or replacement. The value of these hydro tests cannot be stressed enough as they can avoid future disasters. So, if you’re curious how effective your current septic system is, try a hydro test. If you want to know more about the process, give us a call at your convenience.

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Tank Inspection and Hydro Testing